You’ve heard the one about the treasure in a field? A guy finds these buried riches. He realizes that he has found the real source of happiness and health and all things good in life. So he goes to buy the field with the buried treasure. He musters all of his savings, sells his stuff, maxes out his credit cards, even puts his house up for sale. Because he has found the real thing.

Our church is like that. Hidden here in the fields of Southern Lancaster County, nestled in out-of-the-way Quarryville, our Shire-like community caretakes a treasure that makes our lives together rich and full. It leads us to sacrifice, first for one another, but also for those outside and around us, until the whole place just glows golden. You find the real thing here.

Digging deeper in our church uncovers what our treasure is: Jesus Christ. He is the jewel worth selling all for, because He gave all for us. We worship Him. He gives our lives luster.

If you want this hidden Treasure, come give all with us, through visiting our Sunday service, our Wednesday night family programs, our classes, our Life Groups, or any of the various ministries listed on this site. We welcome you to find out with us what it is to be truly rich.