In the midst of a constantly changing world, the things we long for in the depth of our hearts remain the same. We want to know a love that never fades, a joy that always satisfies, a refuge during life’s storms, a purpose that captivates us – if we could find that, it would be the ultimate good news. It would be life-changing.

The Bible has a word – gospel – that means “good news”. The gospel is that God has loved us before we loved Him, that He gives deep joy in knowing complete forgiveness for sin, healing from brokenness that is a rock-steady refuge, and a new life that transforms us and even the world itself. This gospel is found in the person and work of Jesus Christ. He is the treasure that brings us to worship, to give ourselves for each other, and to serve our neighbors in the Solanco area. He has given us a mission – to proclaim Jesus Christ so that lives are transformed and God is glorified.

Jesus Christ is the center, the treasure, of all we do at Faith Church. We strive to be a gospel-centered church that lives out the truth of the gospel of grace in Jesus Christ in every area of life, producing a gospel-centered culture that would bring glory to God and contribute to the edification of all people who are part of this church or are impacted beyond the walls of Faith Church. If you want to learn more about Him, we welcome you to come – through visiting our Sunday service, our Wednesday night family programs, our classes, our Life Groups, or any of the various ministries listed on this site. Come and see Jesus Christ. His gospel, His good news, is life-changing!