Everyone Maturing

A mystery hidden for ages and generations is now revealed. So writes the Apostle Paul in chapter one of his letter to the Colossians (v26). That mystery, he says, is Christ in us, the hope of glory (v27). The goal of our church’s effort is that glory, for every one of us.everyone_mature-shutterstock_131760986

That glory means not measuring our ministry in terms of the crowd we gather or the programs we maintain, but by the goal that Paul gives us in the passage. We proclaim and warn and teach everyone with all the wisdom we have to present “everyone mature in Christ” (v28).

That glory also means a vital link between our church and neighboring Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community, which began many years ago as a ministry of our church. Older saints are never retired in the Kingdom of Heaven, and so will be included in the maturing and ministering that we do.

That glory will be realized in giving care and accountability to all in our church. We are finding a way to pay close attention to each member, from the least to the greatest, to see Christ fulfilled in us. For this we toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within us (v29). All we do is to this end, yielding long-term fruit for Jesus Christ.