Our Future

Features of Faith Church Family’s Future

Where is Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church going? What is God making us? What are we becoming? A family….

1.      Disciples Multiplied:  A family where disciples of Christ are not just made, but multiplied.  Read more

2.      Solid Children:  A family where our children grow up so solid in the faith that they stand ready as teens to engage the culture amid the coming onslaught against our faith.  Read more

3.      No Secrets:  A family where no one is living a secret life, and no one has a painful secret that he feels he cannot share with someone, because each one has someone giving him care and accountability and others that he himself mentors, and all are invigorated by this real work of ministry; no member a spectator, no member lonely, and all members knowing their Kingdom usefulness.  Read more

4.     Engaged Neighbors: A family where we notice new people in our services and activities all the time that we have never seen before, not people leaving other churches but our nonbelieving neighbors and friends.  Read more

5.      Grateful Town:  A family that Quarryville looks to with sheer gratitude for the health we bring and the impact we make on the community.  Read more

6.      Equipped Members:  A family whose members are not overly busy, over-extended, or overwhelmed by unexpected situations, because they are equipped and available for any good spiritual work, which is happening all the time.  Read more

7.      Everyone Mature:  A family where winning at ministry is not measured in terms of the crowd we gather, or the programs we maintain, but by the goal of Colossians 1:28—“Everyone mature in Christ.” All we do is to this end, yielding long-term fruit that Jesus Christ can actually taste.  Read more


That’s where we are going. That is what God is making here.
In short, God is raising up a royal family after His own heart.