Faith Church’s Youth Ministry is all about connecting teens to the gospel of Jesus Christ. How do we do that? We are focused on connecting teens to the gospel in 4 different ways. Faith Church’s Youth Ministry is a place where the gospel is Mentally satisfying, Modeled in community, Motivating at the heart, and Moving us into service. If you’d like to know more about the “4 M’s”, You can take a look at our attached vision statement, or come and visit us at the church! Our Youth Group meets every Wednesday Night from 6:45 -9:00 for games, music, Bible study, discussion, and of course, DODGEBALL!!!  You can also join one of our Youth Sunday School classes that meet during the Sunday School hour.

In addition to our normal weekly meetings, we have lots of special events planned throughout the year. We take several retreats (Breakaway, Yowaw, and Harvey Cedars), go on summer Missions Trips, and have fun monthly activities and service events planned as well.

Most importantly, we are learning together what it means to be the family of God. We want parents to be involved in this Youth Ministry!  Faith Church’s Youth Ministry is NOT a separate enclave that seeks to hide our students from the rest of the church. Instead, we want to be a safe place for our teens to grow and ask questions. Our goal is to see our students in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and  becoming more and more integrated into the greater Faith Church body.

Faith Church’s Youth Ministry is for students in grades 7-12. Come join us Wednesday Nights at 6:45 and Sunday Mornings at 9:00!!!!